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Release Old

Patterns. Create the Life You Want

to Live


Replace Negative Patterns with Life Supporting Goals

Prema Birthing Healing


The energetic womb that is created during the healing session, combined with the intention to heal and open to the best version of ourselves, quite literally helps us manifest a new reality.

Each of us is born with a set of circumstances that creates our experiences.

As we live, we can accumulate fears, false belief systems and negative ideas. As we become aware of the things that no longer serve us, a Prema Birthing session can help to release them and allow the highest intention for health and happiness to manifest in your life.

Divine Mother and Divine Father

A Spiritual Rebirthing Guided by the Divine Mother and Divine Father

During the Prema Birthing process, the Divine Mother and Divine Father come together to become the client's Divine parents. The old cords and contracts to their physical mother are cut and the client is reconnected to the Divine.

Connect to the Nurturing that may be Missing in Your Life

This process can actually strengthen and improve a person's relationship with their birth mother. This process connects us to the nurturing that may be missing in our lives - whether as the result of a family context, or the need to love and nurture ourselves. This process clears enormous amounts of struggle and strife, and reconnects us to Source so that we can be completely supported.

Ancient Sleep Tempes of Egypt

Ancient Sleep Temples of Egypt

Prema Birthing can be traced back to the ancient sleep temples of Egypt, the secret teachings of the mystery schools around the world, and even the Tibetan and Hindu yogi secrets. These traditions knew that the mind is the creator and manifesto of our reality

Prema Birthing Can Eliminate All Kinds of Dis-ease from your Mind, Body and Spirit

This is achieved by directing high vibrational energy into the receptors of the body, which in turn changes the cells of your biology. The energetic support that is created during the healing session, combined with the intention to heal and open to the best version of ourselves, quite literally helps us manifest a new reality.

Healing Benefits

You may notice habitual patterns, addictions, self-sabotage, phobias, anxiety, and other self-defeating patterns that no longer serve you drop away - making room for new perspectives and a greater sense of peace and happiness. 

Some Common Treatment Benefits

Remove Limiting Belief System

Let Go of Addiction and Self Sabotage

Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Worry and Depression

Increase Happiness and Peace

What to Expect from your Session


A session is usually 60 minutes long. The Practitioner will describe the session to the client, giving the client an opportunity to discuss any particular concerns or questions they may have.


For the healing, you will be lying down in a fetal position and there will usually be some soft music playing. Your practitioner will slowly and gently move your body in small increments. If you are sensitive, you will feel the supportive energies around you as the healing progresses.

Several things are gently happening along the way, and you eventually wind up on your back. That is the basic physical part of the process


After your session, the Divine Mother and  the Masters will continue to work with you for a period of three months. This time can be blissful or up and down. However it turns out, it is all part of the releasing and healing process.

People commonly report feeling deep peace and nurturing during their session. In the days following, it's not unusual for someone to say they've experienced a spontaneous shift in their relationship with one or more family members. Things often become easier.


When the body receives a lot of energy, it can sometimes go into a mild detoxification. We recommend drinking a lot of water for the next two days, preferably with some real lemon added.

The Prema Birthing Healing System™ 

was developed by Derek O'Neill

Derek O'Neill is a master teacher, internationally acclaimed therapist, motivational speaker, author, martial arts sensei and humanitarian. 

The Rising Star modality harmonizes within it the original intent and purity of many other healing systems found in India, Tibet, China, Japan, Europe, and Celtic-based countries. 

“Our greatest healer and teacher lies within.”

Derek O’Neill,

Master Teacher 

Derek O'Neill

ENVIRONMENT + Love + Consciousness = WELLNESS

Prema Birthing expands on this philosophy, to include the most important piece of the formula

Love Yourself Completely!


Discover the


Please Note: I am not a medical practitioner or a doctor. I do not treat, diagnose or prescribe. Prema Birthing Healing is not a substitute for medical care, diagnosis or a medical examination.

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